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Grid Sampling  07/18/14 10:57:16 AM

Gerald Hubbling discusses New Vision Co-op precision ag grid sampling

The first step is scheduling grid samples.

Grid samples can vary in size from 2.2 acre units to 4.5 acre units.  2.2 acre grids provide the best results and are recommended.  New Vision Co-op will obtain soil samples from your field with GPS technology that will identify and store each sample location.  This is important for several reasons:

1.  The individual grid samples show how ph and fertility fluctuate throughout the field. This information provides the starting point to correct ph imbalance and improve soil fertility.
2. The sample locations are stored by the GPS unit so future samples can be pulled from the same location.  This is important for comparing changes in PH, crop nutrient use and crop production, and making adjustments to your plan.


        The goal is to get the most cost-effective profile of your field's production capacity.
        The most popular grid sample size is 2.2 acre grids.
        Grid samples can be taken spring or fall.
        Grid samples are usually taken every four years.
        Grid sampling cost is $8-10 per sample depending on the size of the grids.
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