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Precision Ag Overview  07/18/14 4:53:23 PM

Welcome to New Vision Co-op's Precision Ag Page!

Agronomy Division Manager Denny Weber discusses the New Vision Co-op Precision Ag program
Precision ag started in 2009 and has grown each year.  The reason for this consistent growth is that precision ag works.  Precision ag will help you manage the only variable costs that you have (fertilizer and seed) to optimize crop production economics.  When science is applied to your field data the best solutions are discovered.

How Does it Work?

The first step is taking 2.2 acre soil samples and evaluating test results to find out what the field requires to correct PH and optimize production potential.

The next step is to variable rate apply lime and fertilizer if needed, at the correct locations and in the correct amounts.

After PH is balanced and soil fertility is addressed, what's next?

Combine yield monitors are calibrated, yield data is gathered, and planting populations are prescribed.

What happens to the data from my fields?

The key to this question is the word "my".  New Vision Co-op understands that all data gathered from your fields is your data.  This sounds simple enough, but some businesses or individuals may not recognize your ownership of your data.  New Vision Co-op recognizes that you are the owner of your data and you control the data. The New Vision Agronomy Department will assist you with tgathering, cleaning, interpreting, and storing your data.  With your permission and guidance, the New Vision Co-op Agronomy Department will custom build your variable rate lime, fertility, yield and planting program based on your objectives.  Your data will not be shared or sold to anyone outside of the New Vision Co-op Agronomy Department without your knowledge and written permission. You will have access to your data anytime during business hours.


Start with ground you own or have a long term lease.
Build a long range plan.
Some landlords may share the investment to enhance crop share yields.


To find out more about precision ag, select from any of the following options:

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          Yield Monitor
         Planter Setup
         Precision Data Management

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